Grand Woodworking Makes Creating Custom Furniture Effortless

Naples woodworkers craft custom built-in for the Mitchell family.

Grand Woodworking strives to set itself apart from the competition. Giving customers an unparalleled experience is what drives every aspect of the production process. The recent built-in entertainment center created for the Mitchell family clearly illustrates the journey from vision to completion.

The creation of the project begins when a customer comes to Grand Woodworking with a unique vision of where to take their residence. One of Grand Woodworking’s key distinctives is the ability to listen to clients and translate their desires into reality. With over 30 years of experience in creating fine custom cabinetry, custom furniture, and architectural millwork, almost nothing is impossible to produce. Grand Woodworking’s design team has an uncanny ability to wed form and function, creating truly one-of-a-kind custom woodwork that will become a centerpiece in any residence

Mitchell-Wall-Unit-150x150After the customer discusses their desires and explores customizing options with a designer, they are presented with a two-dimensional drawing of the concept. This gives the client their first look at their new furniture and allows them to ensure they are satisfied with the initial design. A look at the Mitchell initial drawing shows the aesthetic vision in its most elementary form. No concern is too small in the design process, so the concept is revised until the customer is fully satisfied with what the artist has produced.

Mitchel-Rendering-150x150The next step is the creation of a three dimensional image of the project. By viewing the rendering which represents the wood and finish they envisioned, the customer has a more full understanding of what the completed unit will look like in their residence. This example from the Mitchell project shows what the captivating unit will look like when completed. The ultra-realistic drawing is configured to show lifelike dimensions and how lighting and shadows might fall on the unit when installed. This also allows the customer to fine tune their project by seeing a picture of the final product before work is even begun.

This model then serves as a template which gives the craftsmen creating the project have a highly detailed idea of what the customer believes the unit should look like. This eliminates deviations between design and execution and guarantees the customer receives exactly what they want the first time. By closing the gap between conception and completion, production time and waste are minimized which results in competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.

Finally, expert craftsmen set to manufacturing the product using the highest quality materials. Grand Woodworking prides itself on having the quickest production and installation times of any local company. After the components are assembled they are loaded and taken to the job were they are fitted together and installed. Once the unit has been assembled and the customer is satisfied, the project is complete. By anticipating customer needs and utilizing current technology, Grand Woodworking’s production model eliminates the hassle found with many custom furniture production companies.

Mitchell-Builtin-1-150x150Images of the finished Mitchell project showcase the stunning work that was completed in their residence. The unit beautifully displays their decorative glasswork, and the custom frame encasing the center opening transforms their television into a work of art.

To learn more about how Grand Woodworking can take your imagination and craft it into a custom piece of furniture, visit them at, or call 239 594 WOOD (9663).